About Us

Formed in 2010, the aim of The Bottle Shop was simple - to curate the best selection of beer on British soil.  We opened our shop & bar in Canterbury in November and began offering some of the world's finest beers to the students, workers and general beer-lovers of this ancient city.  Within months, the requests for us to offer a mail-order service became too tempting and we began shipping our beers around the UK and Europe.  

September 2012 saw the launch of The Bottle Shop's e-commerce website that you're currently browsing.  We import a lot of our own beer and buy directly from breweries to ensure that every bottle we offer is fresh and, above all, an amazing beer that we passionately believe people will love.  We started out as a bricks-and-morter business and having a great relationship with our customers was really important to us.  If you have any questions about any of the beers we offer - or want us to find something special for you - then please give us a call.  

We're not a faceless, corporate company.  We love beer and everyone who works for us is passionate about the beer we offer. Our stock levels are updated every second and every bottle we have in our shop, warehouse or van is accounted for so as soon as you've paid for your bottle, it's taken off our system and we can't sell it to anyone else.  

We really hope you love what we're doing and if you don't then please tell us.  We tend to give away free beer to the people we love but also those who are honest enough to tell us where we're going wrong so don't become a stranger - let us know what we can do to make your beery life as wonderful as possible.


Andrew Morgan

Owner, BeerMonger and Managing Director of The Bottle Shop