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The Motherload!!!

Posted on
June 2nd, 2013

We’ve tapped into some really good beer recently and the trend will continue with some killer stuff coming over from America and Europe

The CAMRA Good Beer Guide

Posted on
September 28th, 2012

For those who haven’t heard, we’re in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide 2013 which we think is really good news.

Boutique Beer Festival – Beer List

Posted on
April 21st, 2011

This weekend sees Ramsgate’s first ‘Boutique Beer Festival’ held at Age & Sons. Here are the beers you’ll be able to enjoy on Saturday from 9pm until late and Sunday from 11am until 7pm

>Elephant in the Room

Posted on
September 27th, 2010

>Having just been to the cask beer report, I’ve left with the undeniable feeling that there’s a huge elephant in the room. It seems to be a mystery to CAMRA and SIBA why so many people are turning away from cask beer while there’s overall growth in the industry. We were told ‘youngsters’ need to […]

What’s Not In The Glass…

Posted on
August 14th, 2010

I was in Canary Wharf recently buying a round of drinks that consisted of Stella, Kronenberg, Asahi and Peroni. It was pretty late so all the branded glasses were out & about and the drinks were served in standard pint glasses. It was a genuinely pivotal moment in my beery life to watch the lads […]