An Update!!!

June 20th, 2012

It’s just occurred to us that we haven’t posted a news story in quite a while – mainly because we’re chattering away on Twitter and Facebook.  However, we don’t want to leave you lovely News hungry readers out in the cold so here’s some new news…

The Monthly Beer Club events are really working out well and, as previously mentioned, you can book via our Eventbrite homepage at

We’ve got some amazing new beer heading from Mikkeller and Evil Twin along with some crazy good stuff from America.  These will be available when the new Bottle Shop website launches late July – though we’re sure a few bottles might make their way onto our shelves before then.

And, yes – you read it right, The Bottle Shop is getting a new website which will allow everyone to order all our beers directly to your home.  We’ll have a live inventory system in place so you’ll know exactly what we’ve got in stock and what’s just sold-out.  We’re pretty excited and we’ll certainly be letting the world know about it once it’s live.

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